Inspirational Speaking

When you listen to Jim Hansel, you realize immediately that Jim speaks from the heart. He shares stories from his life on how all of us can overcome adversity and challenges in our own lives and to find the best in ourselves.

At a young age, Jim was diagnosed with a form of macular degeneration, which later resulted in his loss of vision, leaving him legally blind.

Despite skeptics, from both family and friends, Jim overcame his visual challenges and pursued a professional career in the art world. Since 1986, Jim has created and released hundreds of images that have been admired and collected by the public all over the world. Jim always said, "If my eyesight gets worse, I’ll just paint bigger”.

It's this strong attitude and resilience that has contributed to Jim‘s success.

From young students to corporate employees, Jim has an ability to motivate and inspire any group.

Through God’s grace, Jim is an example that God uses ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.

From personal stories that he'll share with you, both heartfelt and humorous, Jim touches everyone in the room with his experiences.

If you're interested in having Jim speak to your group or at your event, and would like some information, please contact us at

Jim Hansel's Promo Reel