How Much are My Prints Worth?

If you’ve begun collecting art prints, you might be wondering if they are of value, and if so, how much they might be worth. There are several indicators of a valuable print, and there are several resources that can help you determine the value of your prints.


There are a few factors you must take into consideration when you’re trying to determine the value of your print yourself. For starters, you must look at the quality of the print’s impression and the condition of the paper. Is there a watermark or something that distinguishes the print? Look for things on the print’s paper that could affect its value, like tears, or stains, or folds. Look at the part of the mat that is in-between the frame and the print (referred to as the window). Discoloration can lower the value of the print. The mat should be the same color as the window opening. If you see a brownish color allover, you most likely have acid burning. This significant damage can be reversed during a very expensive procedure.


Next, you’ll want to take a look at the fraction on the bottom of the print, the print run number. The fraction reveals the number the print is in the series and how many total prints were made. The top number tells you how early or late in the print run your print falls. The bottom number tells you how many total prints were in the print run. This number is a major indicator of the value of your print. The higher the number of prints, the lower the value of your print. For instance, if your print is one in 10,000, the value will be lower. However, if there are only nine other prints of the one you have, the value significantly increases. A signed print also increases its value.


There are several sources that you can check to determine the value of an older print. InformArt magazine is a great resource, and they have a quarterly magazine. Visit them here:

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