Land of the Free

Just as we are about to celebrate Independence Day and the beautiful country we get to call home, I am proud to release my latest piece of work, titled “Land Of The Free.” “Land Of The Free” was created as a companion piece to my widely popular earlier piece, “Home Of The Brave.”

Land Of The Free depicts a bald eagle flying over clouds streaked in red, white, and blue as the sun starts to set. The unique perspective makes it appear as if the bald eagle is flying over an American flag, and the viewer sees the aerial view. Viewers are already calling the painting breathtaking and a stunning symbol of patriotism.


The beauty of the piece is that not only does the title of the piece act as a companion to “Home Of The Brave,” but the two scenes from the paintings complement one another. The view from “Home Of The Brave” is a quiet street in a small town with the American flag blanketing the sky, acting as a reversed view of “Land Of The Free.” The painting, a perfect blend of God, country, and family, is a tribute to military, law-enforcement, and firefighters. The flag is representative of the blanket of freedom that flies over all of us. The painting is featured in the award-winning documentary, “Vision – Seeing Is Believing.” The short film documents my vision impairment and how I have overcome my struggles with it to embrace my love of art and painting.


It is the utmost honor to bring our nation’s symbols to life in a surprising, beautiful manner. Visit to complete your set.

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